Traditional local events in Saint James not to be missed

 The Saint-James Monday morning weekly market is where you’ll have the chance to savour the tastes and flavours of produce from this predominantly agricultural area.


The annual Saint-Macé Show and Fayre in Saint-James
For 3 days, the streets of Saint James and the town’s show ground are full-to-bursting with locals as well as visitors from many miles around. The funfair and the extended market, with stalls throughout the whole town, provide plenty of fun and enjoyment for young and old alike.

This event is over a thousand years old, dating back to the times of William the Conqueror, who is said to have first introduced it.  Here you can learn all about the workings of local agriculture, with demonstrations and sales of farm machinery, tools, animals and equipment in the agricultural show. 

Respect for the environment is very important to this community. A marquée at the show is devoted to the promotion of sustainable development and eco-sensitivity, For information, please contact the Saint-James Town Hall: 02 33 89 62 07 (or, if you are calling from outside France 00 44 2 33 89 62 07)



The annual Apple and Chestnut Fête in Montjoie Saint-Martin

Throughout history, Normans and Bretons came together to celebrate the first cider pressings of the year at Montjoie Saint-Martin’s Saint-Denis chapel.

This traditional fête day is now held on the last Sunday in October. Here, the knowledge and skills of those who work with apples and chestnuts are there for you to see and share. You can enjoy the tastes and flavours of their produce. Why not try Père Bubu’s apple-based “Magic Potion” aperitif?  

For more information, please contact the association “Vivre à Montjoie”: 02 33 48 35 04 (or, if you are calling from outside France 00 44 2 33 48 35 04)

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