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A free personal loyalty card, valid for two years, is available from the Tourist Office. It will entitle you to a free ticket for the fifth show or event that you go to see in the Saint-James “Villes en Scène” cultural programme.  Just get your loyalty card stamped at each of the first four events you attend and the fifth show will be free.

The Saint-James Guidebook

Walks and rides in an around Saint-James

Containing over 60 miles of footpaths and bridleways for you to explore


Price : 2 €


N°1 footpath

As the rivers and time flow by…..

In the communes of  St-James and  Montjoie

A-    From the American Cemetery to the « Polissoir Stone » at St Benoît

B-   Around the Dierge area »


7.5 miles / 3 hrs

3 miles / 1 hr

N°2 footpath

At the Blanche Lande Wood’s edge

In the communes of Argouges and Montanel

9.5 miles / 3 ½ hrs

12.5 miles / 4 hrs

N°3 cyclepath

A-   Saint-James to Cogles, from Normandy to Brittany

B-   The River Beuvron

Valley In the communes of Argouges, Montanel, Carnet, St-James and Montjoie

25 miles /  3 ½ hrs


6.25 miles / 1 hr

N°4 cyclepath

Rides for « foodies »

In the communes of St-Senier de Beuvron, St-Aubin de Terregatte and St-Laurent de Terregatte

A-   Around and about the Terregatte area

B-   From Senier to St Aubin


12.5 miles / 2 ½ hrs

10 miles/ 2 hrs   

N°5 cyclepath

In search of the « Marvel », across the area ! »

In the communes of La Croix-Avranchin, Vergoncey,  Villiers le Pré, St-James and  Montjoie


19½ miles / 3½ hrs

N°6 footpath

From the Drinking Rock «  La Roche qui Boit » to the course of the Livet stream

In the commune of St-Laurent de Terregatte 

A-     La Roche qui Boit

B-     The course of the Livet stream

5 miles / 2 hrs

4 miles / 1½ hrs


A tour of the Mont Saint-Michel Bay

A DVD souvenir of the Southern Manche area


"Dear Visitors, you’ve come here to see « le mont Tombe » (later named the Mont St Michel), on which Bishop Saint-Aubert of Avranches had the famous Mont Saint-Michel Abbey built in the 8th century, but did you also know that there are many, many other treasures to be found around and about?   Let me suggest that you follow the Rivers Sée and the Sélune as they flow into the seas of the Bay. Listen and look at the wealth of things to enjoy, from Mortain to Granville, from Avranches to Villedieu les Poêles.,….."

Today,more than ever before, everyone in the area invites you to get to know the  Region of  the Mont Saint-Michel Bay ."


Available in French and English

Length : 1½ hours

Price : 15 €

There are plenty of other publications just waiting for you!

The Tourist Office also provides a service to local clubs and associations, by making all their publications available from the Tourist Office.

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